How have the law courts operated under lockdown?

All industries have suffered as a result of the pandemic-induced restrictions, but how have the courts operated under lockdown? The legal system has employed new technology in order to continue operations, but some are sceptical of long term effects.


It comes as no surprise that the law courts have been forced to adapt as a result of the lockdown.


Technology has been employed to adapt to the current climate, but has come at a cost.  Jury trials are being re-considered for the future.


Vice Chair of the Bar Councils Young Barristers Committee Joanna Kane has explained “a short time ago, there were very few hearings in which everyone wouldn’t be present in the court.”


Hearings and other proceedings are being carried out online to allow the courts to operate under lockdown.


However this has impacted jury trials: “there are very few being carried out and the future of jury trials is under debate.  The Criminal Bar Association are campaigning hard to ensure jury trials remain available.”


There are few courts that remain open.  However, social distancing measures have been implemented to comply with government rules.


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