Dirtiest toilets across the UK revealed

In a recovering Covid-19 world, cleanliness and hygiene matter more than ever.  However, certain areas of the country appear to have a better reputation for keeping their facilities cleaner than others, according to new data.


Not all pub and restaurant WC’s get a 5 star rating. Tripadvisor is full of toilet horror stories covering the whole of the UK.


Pubs and hotels are beginning to reopen which has allowed tourism to begin operating on a national scale.


‘Staycations’ are rising in popularity as travelling abroad has become more challenging due to restrictions.


The data compiled Tripadvisor reviews from 110,000 pubs and restaurants.  After only taking reviews where the customer mentioned toilets, this left 12,041.



London has the highest number of complaints, however to make the data fairer – the population was taken into account to create ‘proportional complaints’.


The highest number of complaints, proportionate to population was Edinburgh.


Dorset received 228 negative reviews on cleanliness of toilets in pubs and restaurants which accounts for 1.9% of the total.


Bedfordshire, on the other hand, has the cleanest toilets in England closely followed by South Yorkshire and Northamptonshire.


Pubs and restaurants are opening up all around the country however there are restaurants and pubs that will need to tighten up on unhygienic toilets to keep customers safe and the country moving.

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