BREAKING: Loss of Power on Portland

There appears to be a significant power outage on the Isle of Portland this afternoon (21st September), which is affecting a significant number of properties on the Island,

According to SSE’s website, there is a currently some form of outage in the following postal codes in the DT5 area;

 BH15 1UA
 BH15 2PG
 BH16 5PW
 DT5 1AX
 DT5 1BL
 DT5 1BP
 DT5 1BS
 DT5 1BT
 DT5 1BW
 DT5 1BZ
 DT5 1DA
 DT5 1DB
 DT5 1DE
 DT5 1DF
 DT5 1DG
 DT5 1DH
 DT5 1DJ
 DT5 1DL
 DT5 1DP
 DT5 1DQ
 DT5 1DR
 DT5 1DS
 DT5 1DT
 DT5 1DW
 DT5 1DZ
 DT5 1ED
 DT5 1EE
 DT5 1EF
 DT5 1EQ
 DT5 1FA
 DT5 1FB
 DT5 1FD
 DT5 1FN
 DT5 1FQ
 DT5 1FS
 DT5 1FT
 DT5 1LQ
 DT5 1PA
 DT5 1PP
 DT5 2AA
 DT5 2AJ
 DT5 2EN
An issue with power was first reported at 1332 and the company says on it’s website that this is due to be restored by 1630. SSE have been contacted for a comment.