Wyke Regis area without power – TV, Radio and Phone services disrupted


There appears to be a significant power outage around the Wyke Regis area (06th Feb), which started at approximately 11:15 AM – which is affecting a significant number of properties in the DT4 area.

Major mobile network providers EE and Three are also reporting some loss of service on their website, likely to be caused by loss of power at the Wyke Regis transmission tower. Many people across the town have also been reporting loss of some TV and Radio services.

According to SSE’s website, there is a currently some form of outage in the following postal codes in the DT4 area;

 DT4 9ES
 DT4 9EZ
 DT4 9GA
 DT4 9JZ
 DT4 9QN
 DT4 9QS
 DT4 9RB
 DT4 9RD
 DT4 9RF
Power is expected to be restored at 1630 GMT.
A spokesperson for SSE said that the fault was due to an underground cable which supplied the Wyke Regis sub station, engineers are on-site and are expecting to restore power at 1630 GMT.


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