Mobility scooter becomes dodgem on Portland

Portland couple create a wacky conversion to aid getting around the island.

Chris Acock bought a used bumper car on eBay for £30 during lockdown after being inspired at a steam fair last year.

Chris now as it’s a fully functioning mobility scooter and can go up to eight miles an hour.

His partner, Zarra Lea said the idea came about after seeing an old man driving around in a mobility scooter.

“He was next to the dodgems and Chris was like, I’m going to make a mobility scooter out of dodgems.

“The wheels were out in motion, we got on eBay and yes, optimums prime arrived. It’s absolutely fab [to ride], it’s quite nifty, it’s quite quick it does do it’s full eight miles an hour and it’s quite smooth. It’s groovy and it is quick to steer, and it is actually like a dodgem.”

The couple drive around Portland in the scooter and regularly have people stop to take pictures of them.

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