Travellers cause ‘considerable’ damage at Weymouth and Portland Rugby Club

A group of travellers have caused damaged at Weymouth and Portland Rugby Club.

Fires were lit and vehicles were driven across the pitch. Rubbish was dumped, and trees were also cut down.

The club has launched a Go Fund Me appeal to pay for the clean-up operation and increase security at the site.

The money will also be used to pay for better security and CCTV cameras.

The club has said:

“Whilst we recognise not all travellers are antisocial and cause damage, unfortunately this group have left us with damages to the site and pitch as well as considerable costs for security and clean up.”

“As a community club we rely on our wonderful volunteers for the up keep of our facilities and to raise funds so we can keep providing the community with access to sport and social activities. The actions of a few will sadly now impact many. We are devastated by the damage done.”

“Having been closed for the last 3 months and with no date for rugby to start up again as yet, our funds are limited. We would like to raise £2000.00 to help us repair the damages, plant some new trees and replace the fence along the front of the club.”

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