By popular demand Weymouth gets its Farmers Market back!

After a long gap and much lobbying from residents, Sunday 13th September 2020 will see the return of a regular Farmer and Makers Market to Weymouth.


Running every month on the second Sunday, from 10 am until 3 pm the food producers and makers from Dorset will be in New Bond Street, near Debenhams.


Chris Wilson, from Weymouth Area Development Trust, said:


“ In October 2019 we sent a message out on social media, asking if people thought Weymouth should have a regular Farmers Market? The response was amazing! Over 10,500 people read it and we had over 2,000 direct positive responses. We took that as a resounding ‘Yes!’


The Development Trust, together with Weymouth Bid and Weymouth Town Council, started work with Alison Calder of ‘Best in Dorset’ to bring a regular Weymouth Farmers and Makers Market back into the Town. And that’s not all: We are also working with Weyforward and the National Market Traders Federation to run a regular Youth Market program alongside.


‘Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the Market launch in the spring, and Dorset Council licensing have been great in supporting us in what is needed to keep everyone safely shopping, and boosting our local businesses starting this Autumn’


With our Totally Locally campaign, to get people buying from their local independent traders, a Farmers Market will give additional and an even greater boost to local producers and Weymouth Town Centre businesses. The new Totally Locally ‘Hidden Gems’ Map which lists 79 local independents will be given out on the day.


‘We are starting small, but in the future who knows?’


Claudia Moore from Weymouth Bid CEO said:


“Markets still play a valuable though under-rated role in towns as an important part of local economic and social fabric. Once central to the local economy, many still retain their role as an outlet for local producers. Many provide good value shopping for low income groups, low-cost business start-ups and support to social networks and social enterprise. They boost trade in local shops and play a significant part in the social and cultural life of a town.”


Cllr Colin Huckle from Weymouth Town Centre Management Group Chair said:


“Weymouth Town Council and the Weymouth Town Centre Management Group would like to wish this very exciting market our support.  Weymouth is a great destination and traditionally always had a market.


The aim is to support our local businesses hoping that the market will add to the town’s attraction and keep potential customers in the town longer. The market will be worth travelling to, and while visitors are in Weymouth they can visit and explore what we have to offer. Residents in Weymouth will be able to come to Weymouth Town Centre and enjoy local produce and established local businesses.”


Traders operating at the market are being posted regularly on their Facebook page Weymouth Farmers and Makers Market.