Woman saved after falling on rocks at Portland

Weymouth Lifeboat crews were launched yesterday afternoon to save a woman from rocks near Portland.


The 33-year-old had a suspected broken ankle.


The volunteer crew of the lifeboat managed to find a small gap in the rocks which they could get part of the lifeboat into, to allow two crew members with a basket stretcher to climb ashore.


With the casualty in the stretcher, the Coastguards then managed to get her down 20m of rocks and onto the lifeboat.


The casualty, along with a Paramedic was then transferred back to Weymouth Harbour to a waiting ambulance.


Weymouth’s other lifeboat crew were also dispatched to a yacht near Durdle Door.


They helped a crew member who’d suffered a serious injury after getting their hand trapped in the winch.


The casualty was then transferred onto the lifeboat and brought back to Weymouth Harbour and a waiting ambulance.

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