Harry Richards

As one of the station ‘originals’, I started my journey with AIR from the age of 12.

AIR 107.2 has grown from what was AIR, a student station for Westfield Arts College. A couple of years ago, the end of 2011 to be exact!
I, along with a few other presenters, would come to the station every week to present a show called AIR Tunes between 6 and 8 on a Thursday evening. As that show progressed, school ended up getting in the way so I made the decision to leave AIR for a little while.

During the summer of 2013, I re-joined the station as a presenter once more. I then started working with the outside broadcast (OB) team and here I am today.

Along with AIR 107.2, I am working with a sound/audiovisual company for live events, I am also a self-taught programmer and have worked on many projects.

But this is my biggest passion, AIR 107.2.

It isn’t just a station, it’s one big family and I would definitely encourage anyone who is wanting to get into radio or sound engineering in fact, to get in touch.