Rian with an I

I'm assured my name is Irish and it means little king.

quoted on his love for Coldplay and naming all his favourite songs as 'Bangers.'

Rian got into radio when he was around 10 he started to do short podcasts on YouTube, all of which were football related. He dismissed a career in journalism and media for a few years until his eyes were opened by Radio 1s Matt Edmondson, who he got chatting to at a Coldplay concert. He was invited onto Matts show to shadow him...after a few visits Rian was quoted by Matt as 'Rian's love and enthusiasm for radio is infectious'. He has since appeared on Matts #NationalCokeFloatDay show in the summer, whilst on work experience with a production company in London. You can listen to Rian as Harry Richards co-presenter on Tuesday Drive Time, or catch him on the occasional Saturday 11-1.  

Presenter on Tuesdays Drive.

Rian Harvey

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