Robson James

My name is Robson and I am one of the presenters here with a strong Dorset accent! I started off ‘on the mic’ at various different shows including the Abbey Hill Steam Rally with Rick Wills at Ultrasound Public Address. I have presented on various local radio stations in the area and have served as Managing Director of AIR 107.2 for a few years.

My hobbies include organising events and the preservation of vintage vehicles.

I have the great pleasure of working with a fantastic team who are dedicated on bringing you honest local radio. 100% of our members are volunteers who kindly give up their time to bring you Weymouth and Portland’s local radio station. You are welcome to reach out to me with any questions of queries you have regarding AIR 107.2.

Have u got a favourite quote?: “We don’t have problems… only challenges and solutions!”

What is your favourite party tune?: “It’s got to be Sandstorm by Darude!”