All Killer, No Filler!

All Killer, No Filler! Is a two hour house music radio show, with tracks ranging from the latest and greatest to well known old school classics. All Killer, No Filler! is perfect to get you in the weekend mood! Regular features include the epic flashback track, track of the week, apology of the week and more!

The team comprises PAULH, D’Jammin & DoubletJT.


Born in 1974 and immediately immersed in music from Classical to Pink Floyd, from Jean Michel Jarre to The Kinks. Paul loved the 80’s and got lost in the 90’s! He plays drums, loves DJing and yes.. he started with Vinyl!


Born in 1990, 90s dance music is one of his all time passions, along with Eurodance and in some shape or form, most electronic music. His all time favourite however has got to be house! Ben absolutely loves his music and tech, and is the Technical Director at AIR 107.2.


Born in the 70’s JT was fed a diverse diet of music influenced by the ever growing multicultural society of his then home town, Birmingham. After a deep fascination with the rave scene JT soon discovered club culture and fell in love with the art of DJing. This has led him on a journey using vinyl, CD’s and finally digital media, which he now uses to do what he loves, delivering a piece of his musical soul for AKNF every Friday.